I’ve never had a massage before. What type of massage should I get?
We always suggest a Swedish session for the first massage. It allows you to gauge how your body responds to the pressure and chemical/physical changes naturally caused in your body by massage.
Why is it important to drink water after a massage?
Massage creates fluid movement in your body. As these toxins are processed, the body needs water to rid itself of these toxins & replenish fluids to help prevent dehydration and soreness.
Is it customary to tip your massage therapist?
Massage tips generally range from 10-20% and are greatly appreciated, however they are not required.
Is it ok to talk to the therapist during the massage?
Sure. This is your time to relax and feel better so it’s completely up to you. Some people prefer to stay quiet while other prefer to engage in conversation.
Do I have to take off my underclothes?
Underwear is optional, it’s a personal preference. However, for females we always recommend removing your bra. It gets in the way of a really great back massage. Panties/boxers/shorts are recommended to be removed if you have lower back, glutes or IT band issues to work attachments and muscle groups.
Should I schedule my appointments in advance?
Yes, if possible you should book in advance to ensure an appointment for when you want it. Weekdays tend to book a few days out and Saturdays are usually booked over a week out.
Whats the difference between Swedish & Deep tissue massage?
Swedish is for relaxation, balance. Deep tissue uses more pressure & techniques for chronic or specific issues and will sometimes leave you sore the next day.
What happens if I miss my appointment?
Cancellation policy. After 2 missed appointments , advanced payment will be required to secure future appointments.
Will my massage hurt?
Your massage should not hurt. Please advise your therapist if you feel any pain or uncomfortable at any point. Feedback to your therapist is very important.
Will I need to fill out paperwork?
There is a short intake form to fill out when you come in for your first appointment that should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete. If you have medication lists, please bring them with you.

Other important information:

  • Allergies/sensitivities- please advise your therapist of any issues/updates
  • Medications- please keep your therapist advised of any medication changes